Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Back to the grindstone...

Well, it's back to work today. Yes I must be bored, cos I've got enough time (and incination) to write this.

Just been trawling through the onion's archives and found this little gem, entitled "poor people pretty much fucked."


I liked the sentiment in it. But beyond the humor it does make a serious point about the increasing wealth divide in society today.

Talking about wealth divides. I watched 'in persuit of hapiness' on priate DVD the other day. What a load of pro-capitalist garbage! to summarise the film- man stuck in dead end job, becomes a trainee stock broker, lives on the streets for a while, becomes a millionaire. Well that's ok then isn't it??So long as one man goes form rags to riches, you can screw the rest of the homeless population.

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JayTee said...

The poor are fucked aren't they.

I work in education as well and can't help thinking that I'm supposed to be involved in widening that divide further still, in spite of discourses of 'equality', 'widening participation' etc.

The difference between my working class students doing vocational courses and middle class, academic students is immense - in terms of expectations, outlook, self-esteem, resources available to them...I could go on (and on).

Anyway - isn't 'extreme music' just sane music in an extreme world? Oh and give my love to Stokey land - I miss it.