Wednesday, 17 January 2007

A Little Introduction

Well then, this is my first blog, it's the first time I've ever tried to do something regularly without any sort of financial incentive behind it. So if I stop posting after 2 posts then don't be surprised. Well a little about myself then... I'm a vegan. I guess I'm not your typical tree hugging A.L.F. vegan. Don't get me wrong I'm against animal testing/eating meat/dairy etc, but I don't believe that we can change peoples attitudes towards this by digging up the graves of senile old women who happened to be related to the owners of a Guinea pig farm.

I'm a member of the socialist party and I'm in the Stoke South branch. I'm the (soon to be elected) youth organiser there, so I guess it's my job to organise and recruit all the pissed off and angry young people in stoke on trent. Easy eh?

I'm very much into extreme music. Most people when you say that to them imagine very fast brutal music. and well yes I'm sometimes delve into that end of things my passion is with the very slow, nasty, nihilistic doom/drone side of things. You know bands with very long often decayed time signatures such as Sunno))), khanate, Thor's hammer, shape of despair, therogothon. But I'm guessing to most people these are just names of bands you've never heard or never heard of.

And I like to keep it that way, I mean how else am I supposed to feel superior to you?


Phil BC said...

Top drawer young man! I'll be sure to link you and I'll get the other SP bloggers to do the same.

Just remember Redwatch are out there so don't put any details in you won't want the fash getting hold of.

But anyway, welcome to Blogland comrade!

Phil BC said...

Come on comrade, 4 days and no post! Tsk!